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Painting Wood Siding

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Most of the paint on the front of this home was peeling and the wood had begun to rot. The client picked a lighter color for the siding, so in order to achieve a fresh new look, we needed to do some serious prep work!

Like all exterior projects, we began with a full power wash and then gave it ample time to dry. Since there was so much sanding to be done, we masked off the decorative rock to protect it from dust and covered the ground with drop cloths to catch all of the falling paint chips.

There are many reasons why paint peels. Applying paint to a dirty surface, not using the appropriate primer, and not back rolling the primer are just a few. To handle these issues we used mechanical sanders to remove peeling paint and open up the grains of the bare wood. After that we use a leaf blower to clean the wood of any loose dirt or debris. Once that was complete we used a "Peel Bond" primer and back rolled it into the grains of the wood. Spraying primer over bare wood is not sufficient. It needs to be pushed into the grain by hand to ensure a proper seal. Since the wood had begun to rot we back rolled an extra layer of our top coat on the affected areas to provide extra durability. Once the prep work was complete, we sprayed 2 coats of Shirwin Williams "Emerald".

Breathing life into an older exterior is hard work, but it's extremely rewarding. We love seeing the joy on our clients faces and we take great pride in providing a beautiful, lasting paint job that you can enjoy for years to come!

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